Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are making possible renewable energy projects on commercial bases such as purely power market priced investment. We offer origination service and assistance in structuring PPAs in the form of a Long-Term Contract (LTC) on behalf of the renewable asset owner. Following the initial support in the creation of the PPA's term-sheet, we can put in touch the asset owner and the potential energy off-taker. Finally, we advise the asset owner (usually funds investing in renewable energy generation) during the process of commodity price negotiation with the trader or utility.


Our licensed engineers are conducting technical inspections on energy generation projects, particularly in renewable sector such as wind, hydro, biogas, solar. We organize, conduct and coordinate on behalf of Investor technical commission including the visual, instrumental and legal verification of compliance with technical specifications in line with local technical requirements as applicable laws. Our involvement starts at the beginning of the project, and we inspect works in parallel with the progress therefore the commissioning comes on time as planned by the project manager.


We can provide excellent quality service in project management led by certified project managers with the focus on renewable assets development such as wind farm projects, small hydro, biogas and solar.


As a part of technical supervision, our team members with over 25 years of working experience in their branches are monitoring and regulating processes in the development of the renewable project.