Our trading support team is your unique Partner based in Southeast Europe. Among our team members, we have exceptional professionals who operated large portfolios for some of the biggest European energy utilities in the recent past. Further, our clear understanding of local energy community, ongoing markets integration processes and strong business relations within Eastern Europe and Turkey makes us successful in business relations, both with East and West Europe.


We provide a full scope of portfolio management in energy trading and sales. For a client, we provide teams of front, middle and back office experts who are managing overall Company portfolio. Our teams consist of experienced professionals with over 10 years of experience with biggest European energy utilities and willing to share their trading know-how and work as a team with client’s Company.


Our team has great experience in marketing and optimization of large energy utility owned asset portfolio involving cross-border optimization.Daily trading tasks such as long-term hedging and short-term optimization of power generation and distribution assets are something we are handling successfully. We are able to perform against benchmark target (model) provided by the client and proven to deliver exceptional results and savings out of asset flexibilities, markets volatility and our asset management know-how.


When it comes to trading and termination of trading positions involving power or natural gas deals, Stratega East Ltd can offer direct market access, to both power and gas commodities, in Serbian market. As Company authorized (licensed) for trading power and gas by the Serbian Authorities, we are able to offer direct scheduling (nomination) of bilateral trading deals, trade sleeves, transits, or power exchange access for Serbia for any international trader interested to take a position in Serbian power and gas markets.


Stratega East Ltd experts have wide experience in optimization of power generation assets, utilities power distributions, gas storages, virtual power plants contracts, tolling assets. Overall we are helping energy asset owner to maximize profit from its asset.

Further, we are involved in identification of profitable investments in existing or new built assets. Our network of technical expertise is large and we are providing full range support in structuring, deal valuation, project management and development of new power generation assets, including renewable power generation assets (wind, hydro, biomass (co-firing), solar and other).


In our Company we have experienced structured trading and origination experts with excellent know how as wellprofessional cooperation links to some of the best structurers in Europe, Turkey and SEE. We are able to make valuation of any structured deal, valuate flexibilities and advise you on optionality possible and pricing it. We are able to offer assitance and guidance to our client in structuring any flexible, structured deals, such as virtual power plant, tolling, swap, indexed or similar. Development of a term-sheet, support in negotiation and daily optimization of such structured product are our expertise on offer.


Every trading decision or strategy should be supported with relevant market’s data. We are able to collect and assess market information required for client’s action. We provide Global energy-commodity related expertise. For Southeast Europe and Turkey, our markets-intel team offers both, fundamental and technical power market analyses including monthly and weekly periodical in power, and gas markets. Our research team delivers up to date power trading reports “Market Player Weekly” (each Monday by 07.50h) and “Market Player Monthly“  (by 15th of the month) focused on power markets of Germany, Italy, Central East Europe, Southeast Europe, and Turkey. All our clients are regularly advised about power and gas market situation in the Southeast European region. By informing our clients on time of market changes we prevent them from being exposed to un-necessary market risk as well as help them to adjust their planned commercial actions accordingly. With over 15 years of experience in SEE markets we are able to provide high quality advises to our clients which always saves then time and money. With us, your front and middle office executives would sharpen their market-view and make an educated decision by working together with our Market Research team and being regularly updated by Market Player Reports. We provide unique trading handbooks, manuals, market studies and provide our expertise view regarding power and gas trading in Southeast Europe.


Our team for asset development projecting is offering full range of services related to the preparation and delivery of required studies by engaging our internal technical expertise as well as outsourced expertise. We have licensed engineers able to sign official project documents to be further submitted for approvals to Authorities.


So far Stratega East Ltd is the only energy related consultancy specializing in energy trading courses with focus on Southeast Europe. We have our own Course programme followed with own handbook and printouts. All lectures are given by lead industry experts. Through our “Executive Programme for Trading Electrical Energy” went over 100 professionals involved in power trading, energy procurement, trade finance and administration.